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Rosseau vs. Hobbes
November 14, 2008, 2:07 am
Filed under: Philosophy

A conversation in class interested me and stuck with me long enough to write something about it.I found this worth thinking about so in the best way I can sum it up quickly :

Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Thomas Hobbes were philosophers in the 17th-18th century. They shared some similar beliefs but parts were also very contrasting .

Rousseau believed in a state of a “natural” man . He felt that human nature was conceived as naturally good and whole . Man is made a positive and good being and that society is the factor that turns that person into what we know the world to be today or filled with evils. Rousseau explained a theory known as “State of Nature”. This theory is not only the removal of a government but the removal of mostly all things we consider everyday in our lives. Aside to removing government, we’d take away our beliefs and language too , who needs that anyway. Even Language ? , Nah, not for me, who needs that, right ? Okay that’s just a very ,very short summary.

This guy Hobbes on the other hand. He felt man was a selfish ass person. I mean just that alone, I believe it. But seriously his theory was based on individualism. The idea of the individuals that are making up the society is how it can be explained. Hobbes’ believed that the individual was self-centered and only made to look out for one-self’s own benefit and self-preservation even if it means the cost to others. Basically, we’re all selfish bastards looking out for own asses. He also believes if we cannot obtain an “absolute sovereign” then we will constantly live together in a “state of war”.

This is their ideas made very simple, I don’t feel like writing a book .

So, how do YOU feel about ?

Where do YOU stand ?

Are we all born good or is man naturally selfish and made to look for one-self only

And if you have more to add , freely do so .

Here’s some ear candy for the time being . Enjoy .

Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades


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